Meet Tony!

Tony is a progressive in touch with Tampa/Hillsborough and National Issues, and is running a GRASSROOTS campaign that is PEOPLE funded, consider donating and joining the movement!

Tony’s Why, and Why Tony

Unrepresented and Underserved

Right now Tampa’s federally elected official is not representative of the district, nor representing the district.

Tony’s Core

Family, Service, and Being Better

Growing up Tony has been through many obstacles, however family has always been there by his side. Tony is the eldest of all his siblings (in picture) and has strived to be a role model for his siblings!

Throughout his entire professional life, Tony has served in positions meant to help others. He currently is a Teacher, was a tutor to kids in Title 1 schools with learning disabilities, even became tutor of the year, an English tutor to students from foreign countries coming to USF, and more!

All throughout his life Tony’s father has told him “Do not be like me but be better than me”, because of this Tony has ALWAYS sought to elevate himself and others!

Tony’s Upbringing

A Host of Struggles

Tony has struggled all throughout his life. With divorced parents, Tony was constantly moving around with his sister Toniah, an Airforce servicewoman. Tony early on was diagnosed as legally blind and had eye troubles for the vast majority of his life undergoing surgery after surgery into adulthood on his eyes. At one point, he even lived in an abandoned home with no running water or electricity!

Despite all of these obstacles, Tony has progressed and lifted himself and other around him up! Now Tony is a Teacher, Author, and even a business owner! He became an activist and social media influencer garnering almost 90,000 followers on Instagram by emphasizing local/social issues and black history!


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