A Truly Progressive Democrat!

Tony believes in a plethora of progressive stances on issues and puts people over profits, party, and politics.


  1. Tony believe in Medicare for All!
  2. Refer to number 1
  3. Refer to number 2


  • Tony was an early supporter of the fight for 15 and highlighted it in his run for State Senate
  • More funding for nonprofits like Tampa Bay Wave that helps startup businesses thrive
  • More federal funding for businesses started by those forgotten, for example women and people of color.
  • Tony believes Tampa and the National Government can do more to fight houselessness


  • Tony is a supporter of the Green New Deal, and Florida Green New Deal
  • Addressing Food Insecurity/Desserts across the City/Nation
  • Curbing Climate Gentrification
  • Assisting Frontline Communities with air and water quality
  • Disaster and Sea Level Rise Preparation
  • Promoting Incentives for energy efficiency/solar or renewable energy

Race and Criminal Justice

  • Promoting Police Accountability measures
  • Using federal funding to incentivize programs like C.A.H.O.O.T.S
  • Ending Cash Bail system
  • Restoring rights of returning Citizens
  • Addressing inequities in the criminal justice system targeting black citizens, such as over policing, sentencing inequities, etc.
  • Much much much more


  • More Funding for education
  • Less Standardized Testing
  • Keeping PUBLIC schools funds IN PUBLIC schools
  • Incentivizing innovations in education
  • Teacher Pay increases matching COL of the district they teach in
  • Addressing racial inequities in education, ex. school funding
  • Highlighting and ending the School to Prison pipeline disproportionally affecting black and brown students
  • Addressing the RIDICULOUS costs of college tuition that vastly exceeds the cost of living and has SKYROCKETED over decades unhindered creating the current Student Loan Debt crisis

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